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Company Profile

TYMI Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1967. Since inception, we have been launching new machines that offer high benefits to many industries. We regularly participate in the seminars, conferences, and tradeshows of the industry that offer us rich knowledge and help in creating brand awareness. We are known for manufacturing a wide range of printing post-processing machines and corrugated machinery (like printers and slotters).

As industries evolve through time, our third generation joined the company with the second generation to serve customers in a better way. This offered a great help, as the new generation, with its passion and unique ideas, proved to be of high excellence for us in areas like R&D and sales. The new generation brought excellent customer handling techniques to us. With their support, we started receiving excellent feedback for giving prompt responses to customers. We even received feedback from some of our customers that they chose us because of our quick response to their queries and clarity in providing technical information about the products. Our customers are happy with the way we quickly provide them after sales support for problem solving.

Thanks to our extensive background knowledge and the procedures we have developed over the years, it helps us in offering coating machines of varying models, sizes, structures, and speeds. We regularly update our strategies to not just supply a variety of products but to focus on one product and make it good and capable of meeting the different demands of the market.

We are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality coating machines at the most affordable prices and the best possible service as the top manufacturer of UV spot coating machines in Taiwan. Before this, we have worked from branches in Hong Kong, China, the USA, and Korea. We strive to continue offering the finest machinery and services from Taiwan, and have manufacturing setup from China factory to Taiwan factory.

Competitive Advantages

  • Top-Notch R&D Staff
  • Headed by the CEO
  • Working together with reputable machining facilities that provide high-quality parts for the long run.
  • Diversification of High-Quality Products

Certification and Quality

  • Acquired CE Certification

Key Facts of TYMI Machinery Industry Co. Limited :

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Year of Establishment


Production Type


Working as an Original Equipment Manufacturer


Warehousing Facility


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