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40 years of experience on manufacturing of paper converting machinery, insisted on quality & service guarantee. We emphasize innovation of coating machine configurations to meet users requirements and be a top UV Coating Machinery manufacturer.

To create a new generation brand name, Tymi Machinery, Tymi Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. relied on its 40 years of expertise in the paper-converting machine industry, insisted on quality and service guarantees, and placed a premium on design innovation.

Printing finishing options are expanded when aesthetic and novel pursuits are prioritised. Therefore, there is a high need for glossy, spot-coating and matt op-film products in the packaging and printing industries to meet the expectations of customers. It demonstrates the value of high standards.

Whoever can provide the fastest turnaround time, highest quality, and most innovative solution will most likely be chosen. Tymi machines only run with other original equipment manufacturers. Products, centralised management, and flawless service are the optimal option.
  • Embracing our Dynamic Behaviour

    Every company in any named industry, requires to continuously improve to succeed.
  • Team That Helps in Achieving Success

    Team of expert personnel is that fuel that gives boost to work engine of a company.

Product Range

  • Spot Coating Machine
  • Overall Coating Machine
  • UV Coating Machine
  • Aqueous Coating Machine
  • Calendering Machine
  • Coating Machine for Blister, Water Based Varnish

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

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We see a smile on customers face, whenever they receive our machine because of sincerity to deliver them best quality in an ethical manner.
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