UV Spot Coating Machine

We offer UV Spot Coating Machine that has a commotion free and smooth task, strong development, exceptional covering quality, and dimensional dependability as it is composed by brilliant space specialists and produced utilizing overhauled Human Machine Interface, appropriately powder covered metal compound body, covering instruments, crisis stop switch, and other required contact parts and segments. Such machines are perfect for spot covering on Stationary, Metal, Flat questions, Non-woven sack, Sheet Gumming, Poly-pack, et cetera. These UV Spot Coating Machine comes in a few models, measurements and outlines to meet necessity of purchasers. We have made our machines with the best crude materials found in the market and we offer them to our clients in the most sensible valuing.
Product Image (Ustar-102)

High Speed UV Spot Coating Machine

Tymi latest High Speed UV Spot Coating Machine, Model Ustar-102 has a max. coating speed of 8800 sheets/hr. The structure and design of Ustar-102 is different from the economic model Ustar-36, with improvement of the feeding system, transferring system, delivery gripper, frame, gears, transmission, lubrication, electricity…etc. to bear the high speed operation and to give better performance.

Product Image (USTAR-36)

UV Spot Coating Machine

U.V Spot Coating Machine Ustar-36 Tymi Ustar series spot U.V. coating system is introduced to replace the traditional silk-screen printing method for spot U.V. coating. It enhances production speed and adopts less expensive U.V. resin of lower cost. By combining the construction of offset printing press and roller coating technology, the Ustar Series is a versatile U.V. system capable for both spot and full sheet coating.


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